27 July 2008

The Perfect Beginning To A Vacation

"Mmmommmmm! Flynn threw up in the bathtub!"

They were in the bath at the time.

It wasn't a lot of vomit, thankfully, and she's not sick (something just triggered her gag reflex).

But now their bathroom smells of lemony fresh vomit.

Mmmmm, lemony fresh vomit.


Frank came home today from the San Diego Comic-Con, or "Nerd Prom". We all missed him terribly and are thankful he's back.

He came home loaded with toys. Sorry, I mean action figures. No, toys. He brought the kids some things and something is coming for me. It should arrive while Evan, Flynn and I are in Ohio.


The kids and I leave tomorrow bright and early for points north and east. We'll be picking up my sister and her two girls (ages 6 and almost 3) then drive to Indy and the Children's Museum. Hopefully, there won't be too much construction and we'll make good time (knock on wood). Our plan is to spend the morning/very early afternoon in Indy then head to Columbus, OH where we'll camp for the night. Tuesday we'll drive up to Cleveland where we'll spend the rest of the week with our aunt and uncle. It looks like the weather'll hold so we'll be able to take my uncle's boat out on Lake Eerie. When my sister and I were kids, they had a sailboat but they have since traded in the sails for a power cruiser.

So, auf wiedersehen until next week.


Mommy Schiff said...

Oooh suprise presents coming...very exciting!

Hope you have a great vacation =)

Mommy Schiff said...

Okay, I mean 'surprise' presents in the comment above =)

Leeanthro said...

What kind of "toy" for you? Is it coming in an unmarked box?

Have a fun and safe trip!

Quigs78 said...

You and Frank are like two ships passing in the night!

But how fun that you're going on vacation! Have a super fab time and a safe trip!

Cynthia said...

Hope it's a wonderful trip!