02 April 2008

My New Go Go Gadget

I know, I know, I just reformatted my old mp3 player (a cute little Sansa m240 with 1 GB internal memory that my mom gave me for Christmas 2 years ago).


I was at the gym the other day and during my workout I got a nose full of something rank. I thought, "Wow. Who smells?"

It was me.

Rather, not me per se, but my mp3 player armband. I've been going through 2 of these babies a year. Even after going through the wash they were still more than just a bit whiffy. And at about $25 a pop, they aren't exactly the least expensive gym accessory.

So I decided to purchase another player and gift my old one to my kids.

This is what I bought:

For the price of a year's worth of armbands I purchased a hot pink ScanDisk mini clip by Sansa. This little cutie has 2 gigs of internal memory and is approximately the size of a Tic Tacs box. Like my other Sansa player, the mini clip's menus are very easy to navigate. Not only can you load a variety of audio formats (mp3, wma, etc.), it also comes with preset FM stations (you can change them and add your own), and it has a voice recorder.

As if these features weren't enough to sell me, there is no armband required since the mini clip does exactly that; it clips to your clothes. And it stays put. I put mine through a vigorous workout today and it didn't budge from the collar of my shirt.

After some on-line research, I purchased mine through Amazon (free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member like me).

The mini clip is charged on the computer, connecting via a USB cable that comes with the unit. I was able to add well over 200 songs (everything that was on my old player plus tons of songs by The Jam, Joe Jackson, The Shins, and some Monty Python for a laugh) and still have plenty of room left for more. The one charge should last about 15 hours or so.

That's over a week's worth of workouts.

My Sansa mini clip is just the weapon I needed in my workout arsenal.

And no smelly armband.

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