23 April 2008

I Double Heart Euro-Mart!

On our way home from preschool, my daughter and I popped into our favorite international grocery today to pick up some things for dinner tonight and a few other things I didn't know I needed until I walked in the door (as is always the case).

I've written before about how much I adore Euro-Mart and my feelings have not wavered.

As Flynn and I browsed the aisles, one of the gentlemen that work there asked me if I needed any help. I mentioned I needed some Mimolette, a French cheddar that my son is addicted to (Euro-Mart's price is slightly better than Art Mart's). While he attended to that I went to the back of the store to pick a salami. Flynn picked out a package of Swedish fish to share with her brother.

While the young man was ringing up my order he says, "Did you write something nice about us on your blog?" For a second I thought he had me confused with Lisa at Champaign Taste, then I remembered my post, "Uh, yeah, I did." "Thanks," he said and then gave me a generous discount and Flynn a butterfly-shaped lolly.


That's customer service and a lesson clerks at some other stores I won't mention by name should learn. Euro-Mart rocks!

And I was completely blown away (and slightly freaked out) by the fact that a) he's read my blog and b) recognized me.

By the way, Euro-Mart's celebrating their 4th anniversary this weekend. For those of you in the Chambana area, pop in on Saturday - they're having a party (there'll free baklava, cheese, chocolate and a bunch of other stuff). See for yourself the goodness that is Euro-Mart.

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Anonymous said...

ooo! i want one! not enough of those kinds of shops around my chicago neighborhood for my nyc taste! you'll have to show me someday...if i ever leave a 10 miles radius! :)