25 April 2008

Steal of a Deal

Last week I had a coupon for Ann Taylor Loft's "Friends and Family" sale so I dropped in to see what I could find. This is one of the few stores locally that carries a great selection of petite-sized clothes that don't look like they belong on my 92-year-old grandmother (a la Bergner's, Macy's and Kohl's).

Because I don't buy full-priced clothing there, I perused the sale racks and came across a pair of jeans in my size. I tried them on and they fit just right (love when that happens). The price on the tag made me do a double take and wonder if the decimal point was misplaced. Regular price for these jeans was $54.

Wanna know what I paid?


Yep, two dollars and ninety-one cents.

That's with the 25% off coupon. Their final sale price was $3.88.

I also picked up a dress for under $23.

I have never paid under $3 for a pair of jeans in my life - for myself, my husband or my kids.

That just doesn't happen.

Woo! Hoo!


Anonymous said...

hey good for you. i'll remember you when i get stuff from them...i am the voice of ann taylor loft!
1-800-DIAL ANN

Jenna said...

Way to go!

Leeanthro said...

Wow! I love great deals like that. I bet they look fab on you!