23 April 2008

July In April

And I'm not just talking about the weather.

Flynn's preschool teacher decided that since the majority of the class celebrates their birthdays in the summer, it would be fun if each summer baby got to celebrate their special day at school.

Tomorrow is Flynn's turn and we're on deck for snack. Since we're celebrating her "birthday" I'm allowed to bring in a special (i.e., homemade) snack. Since our preschool is a licensed center snacks must be store-bought, but we make an exception when big days roll around.

A week or so ago I asked Flynn what she'd like to bring. She said, "S'mores." I tried to think of a way to do this without each child getting covered in goo. No dice.

Instead we made s'more cupcakes. Flynn and I made a batch of vanilla (because there are kids in her class that can't eat chocolate, poor things) and a batch of chocolate cupcakes from the awesome Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. The icing is decidedly non-vegan: it's marshmallow. And then we sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on top.

The cupcakes look pretty good, if I say so myself. I hope the kids like them.

To make the snack a little healthier, we're also having strawberries.

And, yes, I know the kids will be covered in gooey marshmallow icing. Should make for some fun pictures.


Leeanthro said...

Those look fabulous! When I saw the picture I thought you were going to say that you got them from the new cupcake place.

Since ours is at the end of summer (a week before yours), we requested snack day for the last day of summer school.

oliveloafdesign said...

the cupcakes look tres amazing! what a nice teacher too!

Leeanthro said...

The authors of that cookbook have a blog:


I might have to get that book! And maybe Veganomicon, as well.