18 April 2008

Feed The Kitty

Warner Bros.'s "Feed The Kitty" is quite possibly my all-time favorite cartoon. No exaggeration. It's Chuck Jones at his absolute best. There's also a scene in Monsters, Inc., when Sully thinks Boo's in the trash compactor, that's an almost frame-by-frame homage to the cookie-making scene in this short - something the director unabashedly admits because he's such a fan of the cartoon.

I love that Marc Anthony's owner does her housework in 4 inch heels, like me (yeah, sure).

Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot leave my kids almost breathless with laughter each and every time. Me, too.

I triple dog dare you to watch this classic and not laugh along.

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Lisa B-K said...

We own 5 volumes of Looney Tunes on DVD, and they are required Saturday morning viewing. My kids love it, even the Teenager.

Sick days? Schoolhouse Rock.