07 April 2008

Page 123

Since Mrs. Chicken has so graciously called me a "fine writer" (gosh, I'm blushing), I'll take my part in the book meme.

I'm currently reading Michael Cox's The Meaning of Night, an homage to mid-Victorian fiction (it reads much like Dickens with a touch of Wilkie Collins and a dash of ghost story to boot). It's not every one's cup of tea, but I'm enjoying it: takes me back to my college days, being the only underclassman in Victorian Literature class and loving delving into the history, fiction and poetry of that time period (one of my favorites).

Page 123, 5th sentence and the next 3:

"He is able in many ways, but weak and easily led. It is better for him that he should remain here, under my care, until such time as he attains more discretion and application than he presently possesses.
You are, perhaps, a little hard on him, sir, "said Lord Tansor, stiffening slightly. 'And you will permit me to say that I do not altogether concur with your plan. It is a bad thing for a boy to be shut up at home."

I added an extra 4th sentence to complete "Lord Tansor's" thought.

This passage is especially pertinent to my life as Evan is presently on his knees begging to go to the park. It is, indeed, a bad thing for a boy to shut up at home.

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Leeanthro said...

Not sure why you think I'm "uber-smart," but I'll take the compliment! Thanks!

Have to decide which book to post about...