17 April 2008

United in Clutter

Mrs. Chicken has given up and I do, too. These pictures were taken just before my "hurry and pick up before the housekeeper gets here" mania kicked in and I tidied up. My cleaning woman comes tomorrow, God bless her.

The game cabinet runneth over.

Lego-a-go-go (the cardboard boxes on the right are a "space station" Evan and Frank built some time ago - it's been well used by Star Wars and Littlest Pet Shop figures).

This is my "desk" (I can hardly type that without giggling) in the kitchen.

My kitchen. The center island is the holding place for all incoming and outgoing pieces of school-related paper. There's also a chocolate Easter calendar from Germany in there and my beloved Yellow Submarine cookie jar. Frightful, yes, but scarily enough I know where everything is.


carrie said...

Oh yes! When the legoa and Littlest Pet Shops escape - bare feet beware!

Don't you just hate stepping on those little buggers? :)

Leeanthro said...

We have bi-weekly frantic hurry up and clean up every other Monday night before our cleaning lady comes on Tuesday.

We would be a wreck if we didn't have that specific deadline!

Jenna said...

Thank goodness we had guests this weekend...our house was covered in toys from the rainy days the past couple weeks. I slipped on a toy on Tues and repulled a muscle...which made me give up cleaning for a couple days. Its good to know we aren't alone.