16 February 2008

Two Pair On The Floor Now

The day went well, I guess. As well as it could with 2 sick children - one camped out in my bedroom so he could watch movies and be close to a bathroom, and the other on the family room couch so she could be close to the cat (that's what she told me - "I don't want to leave Bootsie alone"). In lieu of the gym I got my exercise tramping up and down the stairs bringing books, stuffed animals, water and/or melba toast, an occasional dose of fever reducer and ample cuddles.

Both of my active children, who won't nap for anything, slept at some point in the day. That tells you how wiped out they were.

Best part of the day? Evan apologizing for vomiting, "I'm sorry I threw up in your toilet, Mom."

Just when I thought we were in the clear (nobody had barfed in about 4 hours), Flynn vomited all over the couch. Frank had just gotten home to drop off some much-needed items fully intending to go back to work, but then had to take Flynn up for a bath while I hosed down the couch. So that scuttled his plans for the evening and he stayed home and took Evan to bed.

Usually, when Flynn gets a stomach bug she pukes every hour on the hour for about 6 hours. She's never been sick during the day - always at night. Which means neither one of us sleeps (well, she does until she's sick again while I just stay up). In anticipation of this, I set up an air mattress in the family room. I figured that while she slept, I could at least watch some TV (Why does TV suck so much after 9 p.m. on Friday night? I guess that's a good case for DV-R, which we don't have).

Around 10:30 she woke up and said she wanted to go back to her own bed. I was happy to oblige, but bunked with her in the guest room. Her fever was over 103 and I wanted to be with her in case she threw up again. She fell asleep with her barf bowl on one side and me on the other, holding my hand. Fortunately, Flynn did not throw up after the initial purge. We were both up a lot during the night and she woke up before 7 a.m. wanting to go downstairs. She was very happy to watch a dog show on Animal Planet while I curled up in a chair and dozed between breeds (she had to know what kind each dog was and declared that one day she'll have "5 Skippy John Joneses" [chihuahuas]).

Luckily, Evan slept like the dead. He really needed it and he feels better today (no vomiting) but still is weak with very little appetite (this from a boy whose every other sentence is, "I'm hungry.") and he looks a little gray.

Wish me luck as I head into my second day of double-duty nursemaiding (I don't think that's a word, but cut me some slack - I'm riding on very little sleep).

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Jenna said...

Oh....I hope you all feel better soon. We have ear infections/cold/stomach bugs...all together. Fun.

Take care.