19 February 2008

The Saga of Illness Continues...

I was at Convenient Care bright and early this morning with my daughter. Her cough has gotten worse and she could barely sleep last night.

The nurse practitioner listened to Flynn's chest and declared, "I'd like to have a chest x-ray done since her lungs don't sound right."

I was floored. Never did I suspect this was coming.

So Flynn had some "pictures" taken of her lungs by a lovely older woman who reminded both of us of her Friday morning class teacher, Ms. Pam.

Well, the x-rays were ready in no time (gotta love digital technology) and Flynn has (drum roll, please) pneumonia.

Yep, pneumonia.

She's currently on a regimen of Zithromax and Benedryl.

If you have some good thoughts to spare send them our way would you?

1 comment:

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh, no! Poor Flynn and poor you, too. Sending all my get-well vibes your way.