18 February 2008

Freedom, Sweet Freedom

Yippee! I got to go outside today for the first time since last Thursday!

My daughter's still fighting the crud - her temp's still over 101 and she has a cough and is congested (but flat-out refuses to blow her nose, go figure). I'm wondering if I should take her into Convenient Care tomorrow a.m. since there's no way she's going to school.

Hubby had the day off today so I could escape for a few hours and my son went to a day-long camp sponsored by his karate studio.

I went to the gym and had a great cardio session but could really tell there'd been 4 days between workouts (my quads are still a teeny bit tight). Elliptical machine + bike ride = a happy misc.

Then I went to World Market. It's a shame that place is closing - it's the only place in town where I can find my favorite candy bar, Cadbury's delicious Curly Wurly, which is very much like the old Marathon bars of the '70's - chocolate covered caramel. What's not to love? I also really like their selection of Republic of Tea teas.

Also went to the grocery store as we were in desperate need of apples, bananas, and brownie mix. Apparently, I was not aware my home was devoid of brownies until I saw that IGA has them on sale for $1 a box.

So Flynn and I made fudgey brownies. Mmmmm. A little bit of freedom never tasted so sweet.

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MidlifeMutant said...

A home should never be without brownie mix, particularly brownie mix with walnuts.