27 February 2008

My New Look For Spring

This is, according to an article/pictorial in Harper's Bazaar, what should be in every woman's wardrobe this Spring. Really.

Quite a statement to make at Wal-Mart or pre-school pick-up.

I think I hurt myself laughing too hard.


Leeanthro said...

Is bad posture in for spring, too?

I laughed when I saw the Vera Wang ads in the last Kohl's mailer I got. The models were hideous, their poses absurd, and their expressions bizarre. Who are they trying to sell their clothes to? Maybe it was "high fashion," but there aren't too many high fashion people in C-U!

Jenna said...

You don't have that in your closet? I always laugh when I watch What Not to Wear and they dress these women up to go grocery shopping or to school. I always wear pearls and heels to my kids' preschool.