14 February 2008


That's the sound of the other shoe falling.

The one I've been waiting for all week.

Since the hubby and I were sick, I've been wondering when the kids would fall.

Looks like Flynn's the first to go. Earlier this evening, over a Valentine's Day dinner of chicken nuggets, she said she was cold and that she wanted a blanket. After her bath she was shivering. While she was indulging in some Dora, she curled up under the blankets on my bed and almost nodded off. So I thought to see if she had a fever. Her temp clocked in at a shade over 102.

Ah, this may explain the tantrum outside Walgreen's yesterday. She just wasn't feeling herself. That, or she was just mightily pissed off that Mommy was being very mean by not buying her make-up (that she could then smear on the couch).


No school for her tomorrow (no haircut for me, either).

I wonder when her brother's going to get it...

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