13 June 2008

You Can Call Him Loretta

At dinner the other night, Evan looked wistfully out the back door, sighed and uttered the following statement, "I wish I was a girl. I wish I was a girl."

Me: Why do you wish you were a girl?

Evan: I want to make more people. I want to have a baby.

Me: Evan, my boy, it traditionally takes two people - a mom and a dad - to make babies.

Evan: No, it doesn't.

Me: Trust me, it does.

Evan: No. It. Doesn't.

Rather than argue the facts of life at the dinner table, I let it go and Evan went back to eating his dinner.

My son's longing to have a child put me in mind of the following scene from Monty Python's film, The Life of Brian.


McBloggy said...

That's too funny. You know you're raising either a philosopher or a stand-up comic right? You could have an entire blog devoted to his little gems.

VeganLinda said...

Funny! I had a similar discussion with my four year old this morning...they should get together. Love the Monty Python clip!