23 June 2008

String Theory

Harper's Bazaar magazine never fails to educate me in the ways of high fashion and the latest issue is no slouch as evidenced by the following photographs.

Um, excuse me, but it seems you have a thread loose here. And here. And here.
Does this make me look fat? Fat, no. You look more like a shaggy dalmatian. Or a hairy cow.

Apparently, these two looks will be all the rage this Fall. I mean, really, is there any woman who would walk down any street in these clothes? It seems more like unwearable art - made just for its own sake (or the photo shoot). All I can say is this look ain't gonna fly in Fly Over Country.

1 comment:

Quigs78 said...

The plus side about wearing the hairy cow outfit would be that no one would notice if I didn't shave my legs.