20 June 2008

Triumph and a Good Question

Today saw us out of the house around 8:30-ish. We didn't return until around 5 p.m. It was a long, glorious Summer day.

I wanted to run to the Evil Empire before heading to the gym today so off we went. I had 4 things on my list. A couple hundred dollars later we sally out the door. Whaaaa? How did that happen? Oh, yes, there was a birthday present for a family friend's little boy to purchase, printer toner, photo paper, favors for Evan's "Best Friends" party tomorrow (light sabers and picture frames - I'll explain in more detail tomorrow), and a few other "essentials".

Then on the gym for a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical. No time for anything more, otherwise I would've hopped on the stationary bike for 40 or so minutes.

In the car and off we go to Hessel Park to meet up with some of Flynn's preschool friends. The kids changed into their swim wear and played in the water for a bit, then sat down to eat. An hour later, they were ready to leave.

Next stop: the pool. We arrived around 12:30, slathered on the 70 SPF sunscreen and headed for the water. [On a side note: Even though I reapplied that sunscreen every hour on the hour, Flynn still ended up with a very slight sunburn. What's up with that?] Evan was elated to see that a school chum was there so he headed off to play. Flynn spent her time being a "dancing octopus" (if you're familiar with the Wiggles you'll be picturing a purple octopus in plaid pants right about now, but Flynn doesn't know Henry since she was never the Wiggles freak Evan was). Although, this little octopus did not once put her face in the water. It's just something Flynn did not do. She loves the water, but had steadfastly refused to put her face in the water or blow bubbles. Until today.

My sister and her family showed up after 2 p.m. and my children welcomed them like royalty. Evan and his Uncle headed for the Plunge, a water slide. The girls frolicked in the water, my youngest niece munched on Twizzlers (she immediately headed for their "snack bag", I think when she sees me it triggers some kind of Pavlovian response). Katy and I sat on the edge of the pool and chatted when Flynn, put her head completely under the water and swam without any help. "Oh my God. Look at Flynn!" I yelled as she wriggled like a true little fish. She popped up and, with her fist pumping in the air, said, "YES! I did it! Mommy, did you see me? I swam all the way under the water!" There was much cheering and high-fiving. She was so proud of herself, it filled my heart near to bursting. Later that afternoon I heard her say, "I could live like this forever," before submerging for the umpteenth time.

Spending the day out and about, especially spending the bulk of the day in the water, makes for tired children (and mom). I took the easy way out for dinner and grabbed the kids Happy Meals on the way home. They were fed, showered, and jammied before 6. Flynn conked out as soon as her head hit the pillow.

While loading up Lego Star Wars on the X-Box 360, Evan saw that we save games on the Hard Drive. His brilliant question: "Is there and Easy Drive?" Hiding my smile, lest he ask what's so funny, I replied that I didn't know but it was a good question to ask his dad.


Quigs78 said...

Yay for Flynn! I can't wait until my LOs are that age - it sounds like so much fun.

And I'm amazed by your stories of Evan. Such profound thoughts...he seems like an old soul.

The Fearless Freak said...

Big congrats to Flynn! That is such an important milestone!

Love the easy drive. Is that like an "easy button" cause I need something about computers to be easy :)

Anonymous said...

i was exhausted just reading that report! i bow down to you oh mommy goddess! perhaps i can recruit you to come to chicago to paint flying pigs? :)