19 June 2008

The Fabric Fairy Cometh

Despite the fact that there are several usually well-stocked fabric stores in the area, I find it difficult to find knits that are not babyish or covered in monster trucks. And nobody carries a solid orange interlock or rib knit, much to my consternation.

I'd lamented this fact to Sarah over at Jinjur (if you haven't checked out what this incredibly creative woman can do with a sewing machine, you should) and asked her guidance in finding cute knit fabric. Upon her suggestion, I checked out a couple of sites and then googled "Japanese fabric" and up popped The Fabric Fairy.

I'm pretty much a sucker for all things fantasy-based and how could I resist the cute little hedgehog and other woodland creatures? I couldn't so I clicked on the link and poked around.

Oh. My. Good God.

I was in fabric heaven. The amazing selection of knits (and fabric in general) in fun, funky and mod patterns nearly overwhelmed me. Yes, I swooned. Then I ordered.

I bought some of this (which will become a birthday dress for my puppy-obsessed 3-year-old niece):

And this neat print of white silhouetted penguins on a navy background (pj's for Evan - he chose the fabric):

And these (more pj's for Evan and possibly dresses for Flynn and Emmy):

I placed my order on Sunday and it arrived via Fed Ex today, very well packaged and the nice people there included a coupon for 10% off my next order, which I happen to already be planning. I have to say, their prices were not any more expensive than I'd find here and shipping wasn't that exorbitant.

The fabric is in the washer as I type this, getting all nice and clean and ready to be made into goodies for the kinder.

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