05 June 2008

Banner Day

First things first, Evan lost another tooth last night as evidenced by the gigantic hole in his head (the upper tooth - #7 or 8, I think). This is the second tooth in as many weeks for that kid.

My sun-kissed sweetie was a complete darling last night when he wrote a thank-you to the Tooth Fairy, written on a post-it so it would be small enough for her to carry; "
Dear Tooth Fairy, Thank you for the dollars and the note [she left a note for him when he lost a tooth last August while we were vacationing in Colorado]. Love, Evan". She left another note for him along with a dollar's worth of quarters.

Evan also received a letter and the latest copy of Star Wars Insider magazine from George Lucas's secretary in today's mail. About two months ago my Star Wars-obsessed son typed up a letter asking Mr. Lucas if R2-D2 could come live with us. Evan was very concerned that the little droid didn't have a family or anywhere to live. The bulk of the response was a form letter, but she did add a personal post-script stating that it was nice of Evan to ask if Artoo could come stay with us but he's very happy living at Skywalker Ranch. I thought it was cool that he even got a response and Evan was thrilled. He's been reading and re-reading that magazine all afternoon.

I've had the kids' pajamas made for a few days - finished Evan's and made Flynn's on Sunday - but haven't had an opportunity to take any pictures until now. So here they are. Both sets are made from knit material, though Evan's bottoms and the applique on his top are a waffle weave. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but Flynn's bottoms are hot pink to match the flowers in the print on her top.

They both want a set of dinosaur pj's now. I have the fabric, but instead of making Flynn's top I'll take a tip from Sarah and use a ready-made tank top. I'll have to make Evan's long-sleeved because he's one of those kids that sleep in winter pajamas all year long, even when it's over 90 freaking degrees out with a dew point temp of 70.

Evan asked me if I'm going to make an jammies for myself. I just may do that.


McBloggy said...

That's so cool! Glad to hear he's hanging at the skywalker ranch.

Cynthia said...

LOVE the letter and response!!

Looseyfur said...

LOL, tell Evan, that I, too, worry about R2D2, but my husband who has been to Skywalker Ranch says that it's a cool place to live. It even has it's own vineyard so George Lucas can "keep up" with his neighbor Francis Ford Coppola.

Leeanthro said...

Impressive tree pose!

Impressive PJ making!

I noticed your white trim work. I would love to paint ours white. Does it stay clean? Just when we get the last upstairs room painted, it's time to start over in the living room! My pale, sunny yellow is looking drab!