10 June 2008

Code Monkey

I was accidentally introduced to the world of Jonathan Coulton's geek rock many months ago when I saw a story on Yahoo! news about him.

I was smitten by his well-written, smart and funny lyrics and great music.

This is my favorite song of his, "Code Monkey", from his album Thing A Week Three. This isn't an "official" video - just a fan's AMV (anime music video) that goes surprisingly well with the music.



The Fearless Freak said...

That song is so funny. I love the part about the amanger writing the log in page himself LOL

Quigs78 said...

LOVE it! My gamer husband played this one for me last year when he worked for the Big Corporate Gaming Company...it's a totally different world out there...

(Holy cow, word verification is getting insane!)

Jason said...

Jonathan Coulton has lots of great songs, and many have great videos from fans.

The video I've seen for Code Monkey was made in WoW.

Of course, if you've played Portal, then you'd love his song for the game, entitled Still Alive.