04 December 2007

Super Cool Shopping Site

I was recently perusing my latest issue of either Parenting or Parents magazine (they're pretty much interchangeable) when I came across an article touting interesting gift ideas for the holidays. "I could use some interesting gift ideas," I thought to myself and proceeded to read the article which featured several products from an online shop called Etsy.

Then I went to Etsy's website which promptly blew my mind. I may be the last person on the planet to know about this place, but I just think it's the coolest. Etsy showcases all things handmade: art work, furniture, toys, clothing, bags, you name it I'm pretty sure they've got it. There's even a category called "geekery." I love it!

I found unique gifts for friends (jewelry for one and an art print & journal for another), very, very cute Star Wars barrettes for Flynn, and I have my eye on something for Grandma. If any of the men I knew wore cuff-links, I'd be set because there are zillions of them on this site - and they're, amazingly, very cool (robots or lego blocks anyone?). I also didn't spend an arm and a leg for original artwork. From what I could tell, prices are fair and some sellers offer free shipping.

Often I find myself at a loss for gift ideas because I just want to find that perfect something. I know I'll never be lost with this site. I love quirky, slightly weird, nerdy, artsy, mod stuff and Etsy has that in spades.

Hooray for Etsy!

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Mrs. Chicken said...

I've gotten some gorgeous stuff on Etsy - and some very dirty Christmas cards, which make me giggle every time I think about them.