14 December 2007

Shout Out to My Book Club Peeps

Saturday mornings have become sacrosanct to me. After my early workout I shower and head towards campus and a quaint local coffee shop. I get my little pot of tea and head upstairs to this cozy loft area. If I'm early, and I usually am, I read and wait for the other members of my book club to trickle in around 9-ish.

I had initially resisted the idea of joining a book club mainly due to preconceived notions that (a) we wouldn't talk about the books and (b) the books would be horrible. I joined this particular book club nearly 2 years ago at the invitation of two of my friends from my son's preschool class. I don't know if I've ever properly thanked Tracy & Amy so "thank you, ladies."

Our group is composed of a wide variety of women ranging in age from 30's to 50's and occupations from stay-at-home moms to special ed. teachers to ministers. The vast majority attend the same church, but they are very welcoming. This includes an occasional visit from "D" the transvestite, which is always interesting.

My fellow clubbers consistently tell entertaining and often hilarious stories. We do a lot of laughing. The bulk of our time together is spent catching up and we may get around to talking about the book we've been reading or we may wait a week so everyone gets a chance to finish the book and voice her opinion. We read a wide variety of literature: sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, classics, popular fiction, non-fiction, memoir, historical fiction - whatever seems to strike our fancy at the time.

These weekend kaffee klatch sessions are sanity savers for me. It's cheap therapy.

If you're interested in joining my book club, let me know and I'll hook you up with the info. We're always open to new members.

Come for the book, stay for the conversation.

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