16 December 2007

The Christmas A-hole

Today was the big day the kids had been waiting for. We put up the Christmas tree. They had a ball decorating and only occasionally disagreed on which ornament would go on next. Crowning our tree is our angel. She's a tree topper we've had for a while and I could do with a different one, Flynn thinks she's beautiful.

Let me backtrack a little and tell you my daughter's speech isn't always clear. She does a lot of what's known as fronting. Vowels that are supposed to be made in the back of the throat are pronounced at the front of the mouth (i.e., a hard "k" sound becomes a "t"). She also has a tendency to drop ending sounds.

After we were finished, we gathered in the living room with a snack to admire our handiwork. As we ate our grapes and wheat thins, Flynn and Evan pointed out all the different ornaments.

"There's Darth Vader."

"There's Pooh Bear! I put that one on."

"There's Superman and Batman and Robin."

"There's the a-hole."

"There's the what?" asked Frank.

"There's the a-hole! On top of the tree. She's beautiful."

Of course, she meant "angel." Frank and I tried in vain to not laugh. We were giggling like idiots.

Behold, I give you the Christmas A-hole, I mean, Angel!

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Leeanthro said...

I know a few Christmas A-holes! Especially that grouchy scrooge I wrote about the other day.

That's so funny. One of our friend's sons said "fuck" instead of "fork" (and his older brother egged him on all the time) and another said "Fuckin' Hound" Instead of "Fox and the Hound."

(Sorry if I just made your blog R-rated!)