06 December 2007

Frownie Face

Today I woke up in a bad, bad mood. Dark, prickly and cranky was I, for sure. It was one of those mornings when not even coffee or good music would lift my spirits.

Flynn was in rare form today too, which was just peachy. "NO! I don't want breakfast! I want candy! I wanted tea not cocoa! This tag is itchy!" These exclamations were accompanied with much foot stomping, kicking, screaming and tears. Surprisingly, they weren't mine. I do have to say I'm very thankful for "Super Why" on PBS because once that came on, we could disengage and both of us could calm down.

So I didn't go to the gym today.

I dropped Flynn off at school and high-tailed it to Borders to finish off some Christmas shopping. I actually managed not to buy something for myself, which was really hard to do (some of you know of my obsession with books). That was followed by trips to Wal-Mart, Dick's, and Factory Card Outlet.

Spending the morning just futzing around help alleviate some of my nastiness. I was considerably cheered when I picked up Flynn at noon. Her morning had improved her disposition as well. Maybe that's just what we needed: time apart.

Or maybe we just need a good nap.

1 comment:

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh man, I feel this. The Poo has been such a naughty girl lately. I spent this morning running errands, also, and that time alone with thoughtless tasks was a lifesaver.

ps - I saw you this morning and we have the exact. same. coat.