02 December 2007

Looking Smart

The other day I picked up my new glasses from Wal-Mart. I usually wear contacts but decided to wear the new glasses for the rest of the day to get used to the increased prescription.

That night when my husband came home he said, "Did you get new glasses?"

"Yep," I said, thinking, "You had to ask? I've been wearing the same glasses for 13 years and these look totally different." Incidentally, we've been together for almost 14 years and the obvious isn't exactly Frank's forte.

"They make you look smart."

My eyebrow must have arched because Frank hastily added, "Smarter. You look smarter. You look good."


Leeanthro said...

Yeah, mine NEVER noticed when I got my hair cut until I started going to Ruth's salon this summer.

I'm in DESPERATE need of new glasses, but even with insurance, I hate to fork out the money!

Mrs. Chicken said...

This made me laugh. I bet you look great.