17 December 2007

But I'm Not An Addict Or Anything

This summer my sister turned me on to Starbucks Italian Roast light iced coffee. It comes in a can. I know, I know, canned coffee? But it is delicious and only has 35 calories per serving. And I can buy it at Wal-Mart AND Target (where, surprisingly, it's a dollar cheaper than Wal-Mart).

I figured I'd try it. You know, what the hell? I'm fairly adventurous when it comes to food and drink so I thought coffee's safe so why not?

I'm blaming my dear, beloved sister for my addiction.

I'm not mainlining or anything. I can keep my love of this sweet elixir in check. I drink one can every other day, which coincides with my exercise schedule of running one day and weight training the next. I have a can on the way to school and by the time I hit the gym I can feel the caffeine humming through my body. The buzz doesn't last long, but it's enough to give me a little energy boost. However, if Starbucks made a caffeine-free version I'd be pouring it down my gullet like water.

By the middle of last week I was down to my last can so I scoured all 3 Wal-Marts in the area and Target only to find empty shelves. I was starting to get desperate and I think my palms were actually sweating by the time I made it to my last stop to discover bare spots where the cans should've been. There were plenty of the regular orange can kind, but none of my beloved blue can.

Saturday morning I drank my last can and I thought, "What if I can't find this stuff anymore? What if Starbucks killed it like Max Factor killed my favorite lipstick color?" I wanted to scream.

Hallelujah! Praise the coffee gods and their infinite mercy because today while I was at Target I spied the little silver & blue cans on the top shelf of the drinks asile. There were 3 four-packs and I bought them all. I had to scale the shelves to do it, but you better damn well believe nobody else was going to walk out of there with my coffee.

They are mine, all mine.

That is, until I run out again.

I don't even want to think about it.

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Amy said...

Starbucks double shots are good, too, but they are not light. They do make light ones, but haven't tried them. I love them for long drives, so much better than gas station coffee.