09 December 2007

I Stand Corrected

I was curious as to exactly how many stuffed animals my daughter sleeps with. So, under the pretense of changing the sheets I enlisted Flynn's help in cataloging with whom she shares her bed.

Here's the list. I think you'll agree it's pretty impressive.

A blue tiger named Dragon
Pepperoni, an orange striped cat
Ike the dog
Cupcake, Heart, Flip-Flop Waffle and Angry the dinosaurs
Baby Beluga
Spongebob Squarepants
Rock Star the chihuahua
Skippyjohn Jones, the tiny Siamese cat
A very small Wampa (Star Wars monster) named Tina
Winnie-the-Pooh (2)

Rabbit Tiger the dog
Mooie, the cow
Marie the cat

Cinderella (2)
Duke, a black poodle

Tiny Tiger, a dog

3 mermaids (Ariel, Tiger & Tinkerbell)
Baby Raccoon

Rajah, a tiger Helpful the octopus
Ballerina Kitty
Goldie, a dog

Tinkerbell the dog
Nemo the duck

a Sneech named Princess

Snowy, a tiny Westie terrier
Chip, the cat

, the mouse from Paris, France

A polar bear named Pizza
Dottie, a bunny

Bunny ear
Christmas bear

Unicorn, a horse

A bear named puppy
Green Lantern

Leah bear
Captain Marvel

Ariel the leopard seal
Myra, a mermaid

A cat named Ribbon
My Little Nemo, a bear

Gingerbread cat

A bunny named Pikachu
Sandal bear

Razzleberry, a pony
Cookie, a cat

Beach Ball the seal
Bananas, a monkey

Cocoa, a pink poodle

Nofeet the snake

No name the dog
Caboodle, a hedgehog

Flower the bunny
Piglet, a fish

Springy, a bunny
Violet, a unicorn

Tyrone the pygmy marmoset
Ladybug bunny

Oodle and Doodle, pink poodles
Blue pony

Hedgie #1
Lassie, a dog

Flounder, a dog
, a bunny

Little Monster, a unicorn
Bunny duck

Baby zebra
Cali, a cat

Clifford, a monkey
Tinka-tinka-too, a pony

Tigger, a dog

All told, I think there's 90 or so animals. I had estimated 75. Boy, was I wrong!

And all she wants from Santa Claus is a teddy bear.

Where she'll put it, I don't know.

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