01 October 2008

Breathe The Incongruity With Me

So, is it weird to be sitting in the church parking lot grooving to the prodigy? That's exactly what I was doing an hour ago: rocking out to Breathe, a song I had nearly forgotten I loved, while waiting for my kids' school day to end.

Before I got hooked on the crack that is the Twilight books, I was reading what amounted to a treatise on rave culture and music. It was surprisingly boring. The anecdotes the author related were interesting but all too brief and he discussed in depth the varied history of techno music. I found myself wishing for a CD of the music he was writing about, some of which I find really, really fun (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, the prodigy, the Shamen) but much of it was unfamiliar to me. I wanted to hear it (I went through the exact same thing while reading Mark Hertsgaard's brilliant A Day In The Life).

But I'm content with my new prodigy disc and car dancing in my mini-van.


oliveloafdesign said...

the more you comment on the twilight books the more i want to start reading them! evil!

ahhh..stone roses...heard them on virgin radio uk the other day....good times....

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

OK, I feel less guilty that I did next to nothing this summer as I read all those darn Twilight books.

The movie's out Nov. 21st. I feel I almost have to ditch the kid and hubby and go see it.

You're right, they were literary crack. I'm in rehab now.

Mary A. said...

I read Twilight before it was cool to read twilight and that NEVER has happened before or since. So are we all going to the movie to see Edward/Cedric Diggory?

I think you are the coolest mom ever (next to me) and my son (age 14) asked me to turn down the bass the other day on a pixies song. 8^)

Jenna said...

Sorry I have been out of blog world...besides life, I have also been trying hard to finish the series! Everyone at work is reading too! And we are planning on seeing the movie as soon as it comes out!