10 October 2008

The Creepiest Lovey

I was on my way downstairs this a.m., fully intending on going to the gym, when I took a gander at my daughter's room and decided I could torch the equivalent calories of my run in tidying up her room.

I came across this, the weirdest stuffed animal I've ever seen:
Freaky, no?

This may have been one of Frank's childhood companions, but I'm not sure. Who puts a red eye in a stuffed bunny? It's enough to give a person nightmares.

It's kinda glaring at me right now so maybe I'll just go put him back in Flynn's room.

And hope he stays there, all nice and quiet like.


Quigs78 said...

If it was a white bunny, it would be like Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit, in a series I read in grade school.

Hmm. Looks like my vampire obsession may have started a long time ago.

Harley Quinn said...

LOL @ Quigs!

That thing is seriously scary. I have a rule about stuffed animals, if it gives me a weird feeling than it's not coming into my house. I've seen the movie "Chuckie" too many times. =)