14 October 2008

Brotherly Advice

Every day after school I receive the "red light report" from my daughter about which kids had a hard time following the classroom rules. Invariably, one little boy's name comes up with a sigh of exasperation from Flynn. It's not my place to tell you this highly energetic boy's name, but if you've ever seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure, you'll be able to suss it out yourself.

Anyway, this boy vexes Flynn and her brother beyond their patience. He plays roughly with Flynn, Evan and Evan's friends no matter how many times they tell him to stop it and please go away (they've also told a teacher to no avail).

"This boy is always bothering me," stated Flynn on the ride home this afternoon.

Evan came up with this little gem of wisdom, "Here's what you do, Flynn. If he starts in on you during recess make sure you have a friend see what he does then have them tell a teacher. Then, you ask for a play date. When you're over at his house, put a spider in his bed. A big one. That'll teach him."

When did my son become so devious?

I guess I should take some small measure of comfort that Evan told Flynn to put a spider rather than a horse's head in this kid's bed a la The Godfather.


Leeanthro said...

Or...she could plant a wet one on him and he will go running for the hills.


Quigs78 said...

If a spider in my bed was the consequence every time I was rude to someone, I would be like freaking Mother Teresa from now on.

Your son has inspired me to be a better person - even if it was through devious means and threats. :)

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

But would Flynn be able to catch the spider or would she ask you to do it? That would kill the whole plan if it was me.


McBloggy said...

Wow, now that's good. I'm impressed.