23 October 2008

Behold, The Brownie!

Last night and most of today I was in desperate need of a rich, fudge-y brownie. I perused my copy of Veganomicon and, sadly, did not find a brownie recipe (though I'll make that chocolate bundt cake someday soon).

This morning, I went online and found this recipe. After reading some reviews I made some adjustments: substituting raw sugar for white, chocolate soy milk for water (I was tempted to use almond milk or coffee), and halved the oil replacing the other 1/2 c. with cinnamon applesauce. The recipe came together very easily and the tempting smell of baking brownies filled the house well within 20 minutes.

The result is this:
And because I'm in a Mexican chocolate kind of mood, I dusted the top of the brownies with a mixture of cinnamon and confectioner's sugar.

The brownie itself is a little cakey in texture and that may be because of the applesauce and is very chocolaty, like a brownie should be, but in a healthier form and paired well with vanilla ice cream (no, I didn't make it) and a slice of orange.

Both Evan and Flynn declared the brownies a success with a full-mouthed "Yum!"


Quigs78 said...

Your kids are so lucky. If mine get dessert, it's a stale cookie on a paper towel on the family room floor.

But that looks awesome - and the presentation totally makes it taste better, too. :)

Leeanthro said...

You're making me drool!

Angie said...

The brownie looks great! Do try the chocolate bundt cake from Veganomicon, though--delicious with ice cream. I just made the chocolate chip banana bread pudding from Veganomicon this week. The ultimate comfort food.

VeganLinda said...

Didn't look hard enough. :-) You must try Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies from Veganomicon. They are the best!