19 February 2009

Very Interesting...

Here's a run down of what gems I've heard issuing forth from my children within the hour:

1. Evan, as he's stepping into the bathtub: I am Aquaman! Behold my mighty water balls of justice!

(I think some body's watched one too many episodes of Batman: The Brave and The Bold.)

2. Evan: I smell like handsome.

3. Flynn, ever the fashionista (disappointed): I wish I had a light saber that matched this outfit.

4. Flynn, after talking about a friend that has 3 siblings (demanding): I want a baby!

(Sorry, sister, that ship has sailed.)

5. Evan, after Flynn said she wanted a baby (disgusted): Well, I still want a big brother, but that's not happening so get used to disappointment, Flynn.

They are currently cuddled up together in a chair, reading an Owly comic.

Love them.


Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

I wish I had a light saber that matched all my outfits too!

Katherine said...

Wow, boys. I'm still not sure what to do with a boy. I guess I'll find out.

the sandwich life said...

oh man that's wonderful!