07 February 2009


"You might want to check into your teaching license. You know, get it renewed or whatever," Frank said to me the other night.

The company he works for is in the process of laying off a significant percentage of its workforce. Fortunately, there have been no firings at Frank's studio. Yet. But who knows?

I have not worked as a full-time teacher since Evan was three months old. For a year after Evan's birth, and after I had left full-time service, I worked part-time as a go-between teacher for home bound students (those with broken bones, were pregnant and unable to attend class, etc.) and the school where I had taught.

Since then I've been mommying it up; home with my two kinder, organizing playdates, being a hausfrau, you know the drill.

Substitute teaching this school year has been a way for me to test the waters of gainful employment. I still enjoy being with the young folk, talking about writing and language and literature.

I had let my teaching certificate's validity lapse and expire so when Frank requested I look into renewing my cert., I thought for certain I would be looking at some sort of university coursework. After e-mailing the regional board of education I started wondering, "If I have to take some courses, I might as well look into the middle school endorsement and/or maybe the reading specialist endorsement." When I mentioned to my sister, a kindergarten teacher, that I was looking into this she said, "Why would you want to teach middle school?" It's not so much that I have a burning desire to work with 11-13-year-olds, but it makes me more marketable as a teacher to have that endorsement (or endorsements). It's not so much want to as have to.

The reply from the ROE (Regional Office of Education) was simple and straight forward, since my certificate had expired in '06 and I had not been teaching since then, all I needed to do was pay the renewal fee ($26) and I was good to go - no coursework, no professional development, no nothing.


So now I am fully licensed to teach again.

And contemplating the future of my education.


The Fearless Freak said...

Glad it wasn't a huge hassle to get renewed.

It sucks that they are talking lay-offs. I know too many people that work there :(

I had a high school teacher tell me once (when I was contemplating going to school to teach high school) that she would never work in jr high because that age group is like teaching the devil himself on a hormone surge LOL

Quigs78 said...

I'm glad it was a quick and painless renewal!

I'm freaking out about possible layoffs...it's only been a little over a year since our last one, and I don't know that we can survive another one or another move. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.

Harley Quinn said...

Well Congrats (?) on being licensed again. Hopefully, you won't NEED to go back to work, it will more of a want.

Best of luck both ways!!