10 February 2009

A Girl With A Plan

It probably comes as no surprise to any of you who know me outside of the blogosphere (sheesh, I dislike that word), that I am a list maker. Making a list and crossing off the items gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It also keeps me from forgetting what I need to do (which is easier and easier to do as I age, but I'm just as happy to blame it on "mommy brain"). Lists keep me organized and on top of not only my life but those that encompass my own: Frank's, Evan's, and Flynn's. I am also a teacher; it's just something we do. The front seat of my car is awash in sticky-notes, a testament to my list-making.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

As she was getting ready for bed tonight, Flynn gave me a detailed, itemized list of what she has planned for her day tomorrow. She asked me to write it down.

So I did.

And I'm sharing it here.

Flynn's To Do List:
1. Get up out of bed.
2. Get dressed in my school clothes.
3. Brush my teeth.
4. Eat breakfast.
5. Go to school.
6. Come home from school. (I'm assuming after a full school day)
7. Get into some play clothes.
8. Practice some karate. (She hasn't taken lessons since early Fall last year, so I don't know what she will practice)
9. Do some Lego with Evan.
10. Put on some make-up.
11. Have dinner. (I think what she actually means is "sit at the table and complain about the yucky food that is on my plate")
12. Do yoga.
13. Take a bath.
14. Put on my pajamas.
15. Read.
16. Go to sleep.

With the exception of practicing karate and doing yoga (which she does with me on occasion), this is pretty much what she does every day.

Yes, including the make-up.

She was pretty satisfied with her own self after she relayed all her plans to me.

She wants me to print out her list so she can "check off everything on it."

Of course, my little apple, you want a list? You got it.


The Fearless Freak said...

Does she put the makeup on herself or does she follow you around the house, waving it at you and screaming that she needs to look pretty?

Because that is what MT does. I've tried pointing out that she prefectly pretty as is but would be even prettier without all the FREAKING SCREAMING! She just yells louder LOL

Quigs78 said...

That's too cute! I shudder to think of what my kids' lists would be like.

1. Wake Mom up at 5am.
2. Scream at Mom when she refuses to turn on Thomas at 5:01am.
3. Tell Mom to make me waffles.
4. Don't eat waffles.

I could go on and on and on...


Katherine said...

It is so funny how they place importance on the same things we do. When I first had the little guy I was washing my hands about every five minutes. It seemed like every time I turned around someone needed a diaper change. My hands got really raw and I started using hand cream. Now my little parrot thinks she needs to moisturize all day long.