08 February 2009

Gettin' Schooled

My children, ever a source of education, taught me a variety of things this past week. Things I didn't necessarily want to know, like this little nugget from Evan:

"Mom. My friend, so-and-so, told me there's a website called doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou dot naked women dot com. There's pictures of naked women on it."


Now my EIGHT YEAR OLD son has friends that know about Internet porn and are sharing that knowledge with him. I have no idea how Evan's friend knows such things. He's a good kid, but from now on in my head I'll forever be calling him The Pornographer.

I told Evan that's a website only for grown-ups.

And I learned that Evan knows a euphemism for testicles.

"Mom. My friend and I made up this game that you do this, [he executed some fancy karate-type moves, ending up on his knees] and then punch the other guy in the nuts, but not really because that would hurt."


This friend, not The Pornographer but also a good kid, will now be known as The Instigator.

And to top off my education, I learned I should probably watch my language whilst round the kiddies.

Flynn has a set of sight word flash cards that we go through each night. Last night, she was whipping through those words, some she hadn't been able to read earlier in the week, when we came to the word do. "Dih... dih...," she started, "dih... damn! Damn! Damn! Is it damn, Mommy?"

I had to bite the inside of my cheeks so hard to keep myself from laughing. "No, sweetie, it's do."

"Oh, yeah,
do. That's right."


Harley Quinn said...

NOOOOO! Don't tell me that! An 8-year old knows about internet porn. Great! I'm so sad about what will happen when my little one turns the ripe old age of 8. =) I'm sure he will be quite interested. The Joker brought home a few calendars from work the other day. He has a bunch of samples from his promotional products business, anyway, JB picked out a few. A car one, a puppy one, a puppy and kitty cat one, and a freaking bikini model one. The then proceeded to go through and point out which girls he liked and which ones he didn't like.
Very disturbing.

Quigs78 said...

LOL Aside from the porn part, this is hysterical.

At lunch today, Bubba stuck his sleeve in ketchup, pulled his arm out, and said, "Aw, crap!" It took everything the husband and I had to not laugh out loud. We're such awesome examples.

The Fearless Freak said...

TB's favorite part of Star Wars is slave Leia, because she is wearing a golden bikini. I thought he would have a heart attack when we found a slave Leia Lego figure at LegoLand LOL

Juliette said...

Your kid is a great example of how progressive our society is :-)
In our young age we didn't know about porn till teenage, and even then we didn't have great resources like kids have now. :-). Is this normal grow-up phase, it is hard to tell. Maybe we judge from our own perspective.