02 December 2008

The Wish List

My children have been working feverishly on their Christmas Wish lists for Santa for months. This year, Flynn wrote out hers by herself and has been adding to it almost daily. It consists mainly of items from the American Girl catalog and Star Wars action figures. Evan's list is easy: he would like the Lego catalog. In its entirety. When the Lego catalog arrived I mentioned to Frank, "Evan's Christmas list came in the mail today."

My list is also short and sweet. It consists of 3 items:

1. Sharp knives. Frank and I were given a nice set of knives as a wedding gift and we have used them almost every day for over a dozen years. They're more than a little dull and the wooden handles are cracking.

2. A few sessions with a personal trainer. I'd like to work with a trainer to make sure my strength training form is good so I don't continue to injure myself.

3. Photoshop, Illustrator or at the very least Publisher. My new computer does not have any sort of imaging software and I could really use some, mainly for CD case liners.

What's on your wish list?

You know, aside from world peace, an end to poverty and hunger and war and all that good stuff.

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The Fearless Freak said...

Photoshop Elements is a really nice program and way cheaper than the full version. There were a couple of places that had it for pretty darn cheap on black friday.

I need to blog my kids' wish lists, they were pretty funny :)