12 December 2008

Flynnie's New Quilt

Yesterday I got on the stick and finished Flynn's "Kit" quilt. Since she's become obsessed with Kit Kitteridge, an American Girl doll, she's a)wanted to look like Kit and b)possess all of Kit's stuff, including Kit. The day she had her hair cut to look like Kit we stopped by the fabric store, a dangerous thing for my mother and I to do but patterns were on sale for $1.

I'd been planning on making Flynn a quilt for a while but couldn't pin down what fabrics to use. The Kit obsession gave me an idea: Kit's stories take place during the 1930's so I decided to use Depression-era reproduction cottons. Flynn, my mom and I started pulling bolts of fabric left and right but settled on five (I already had the small print cherry fabric at home, which Flynn insisted on using); later I would purchase two yards of '30's reproduction prints from a fabric store in Urbana.

I have to say that Flynn has a good eye for color and pattern since she's the one who picked out the majority of the fabrics.The quilt is composed of 12" blocks alternating with 4-patch blocks (4, 6" squares sewn together). I found the backing at Hancock's on their clearance table for 60% off. Flynn loves the peachy-pink color and the white flowers pair nicely with the rest of the floral patterns in the quilt top. Flynn chose the threads I quilted with; red, light blue, yellow, lavender, and baby pink. The binding is also a reproduction fabric but is not used in the quilt top at all, but I think it looks nice.
Most importantly, Flynn loves it. She wrapped herself up in it as soon as she laid eyes on it.Now she wants matching quilts for each of her dolls (she calls them her sisters): Maria, Sophie, Jessie and Katherine. I'll need to make two extra as the Fat Man is bringing her Kit and Kit's best friend, Ruthie.

I better get sewing.


Leeanthro said...


I think I am going to have to commission you for my two.

Harley Quinn said...

Wow, I wish I was crafty. That looks fantastic. What an awesome gift for her!