15 November 2008

They're Gettin' Progressive Down At The Mall

I'm on a mission to find something to wear to the Jr. League Gala next Saturday so I went to the mall this morning. I failed to find anything interesting or Gala-ish, but did score a button-down shirt, a skirt and a couple of cardigans.

As I was exiting Macy's, I momentarily stopped dead in my tracks because I heard this song over the PA: Why by 80's group The Communards, a band I loved way back in the day (I played the cassette tape I had of this this album until it fell apart and I still have my vinyl copies of extended dance mixes and singles).

I haven't heard this song in ages and certainly never heard it outside my house or circle of friends. It makes me wonder if the person in charge of putting together the music for the mall was being a tad subversive since The Communards were openly gay.

I must have looked quite the idiot as I quietly sung along to this song and tried-not-to-dance-walk my way through the mall with a goofy smile on my face . Other shoppers did give me a wide berth.


Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

I also loved their cover of "Don't Leave Me This Way."

Way to go Macy's song person!

Misc said...

I love that song, too, and their "You Are My World" (one of the best love songs ever).

Sugarmag said...

Hey you and I are the same height. Have you ever been to Talbot's at Old Farm Shops? I love them-a whole store full of petite clothes. It's my favorite store because the clothes fit me.

Misc said...

I spend waaaay too much money at Talbot's. I love their clothes, too.