23 November 2008

The Decision

This was what Flynn wore to the Daddy-Daughter Dance on Friday. She was so excited to have dress shoes that had a little heel on them and she kept wanting to put stuff in her little purse, even though I told her all she really needed was a lip balm (her lips are really dry). I let her wear a little bit of lip stain and a very,very light eye shadow which thrilled her to no end.

She and her Daddy had a fun time at the dance. It is the highlight of Flynn's social calendar and she cannot wait for next year's dance.

This is what I finally decided on wearing to the Jr. League's Festival of Trees Gala: a dress from Old Navy (that I bought Friday afternoon), purple faux-suede shoes from Payless (purchased Saturday morning and they hurt like hell after a few hours of wearing - that's what I get for choosing style over comfort).

Frank and I had a good time chatting with some of his co-workers, we heard an incredibly moving speech from Amy, mom of the adorable Larkin and a sustaining member of Junior League. Her speech almost made me want to join JL it was that inspiring. Dinner was ok - no great shakes (hotel catering has failed to wow me on numerous occasions, this one included) and dessert was underwhelming (a pass-around plate of petit fours & cut up defrosted eclairs) but the company was excellent (Leeanthro, your shoes looked so comfortable and stylish). Frank and I will most likely attend next year and I'll try to remember not to stress out about what to wear.

After the disappointing dessert, Frank said he could go for a slice of cake and wondered if any place was open (it was 10:30). We headed downtown and ended up at Cafe Kopi. They were bereft of cake, but did have cookies and other dessert-type stuffs; I had a couple really yummy coconut macaroons and Frank had an apricot bar then we headed for home so I could take off my shoes.

All in all a good night in spite of my being hobbled by my shoes.


Catch Her in the Wry said...

Every good Mom needs a hot looking dress and night out with hubby, even if it's a charity event. And every daughter needs at least one date a year alone with her daddy. Flynn looked adorable.

Quigs78 said...

You all looked fabulous!

I don't think I could ever convince N to get dressed up for me, but he's already said that he would take PG to the dance when she was old enough.

I see where I rank.

Leeanthro said...

The Daddy-Daughter dance is the highlight of my daughter's social calendar as well:)

I LOVED your dress. Very stylish. Would be great for a New Year's Party.

I totally fretted over what to wear, especially the shoes. I went onto Twitter in the afternoon and asked if it was okay to wear open-toed shoes and everyone said yes.

The are made by Rieker. I bought them at Heel to Toe a while ago. And yes, they were pretty comfortable.

The thing I learned last night was that some people dressed up and some were a little more casual and it didn't really matter either way. My mom and I were both fine in our pants.

I too thought that Amy's speech was inspiring. She's quite a wonderful woman!

Looseyfur said...

Wowsa! Hot mama. :-P

The Fearless Freak said...

I can't believe how grown up Flynn looks in that outfit!

MT would love to go to something like this with her dad, but alas, RF usually has to work on these nights.

And your dress is FAB! I'm so glad you were able to find something.

Harley Quinn said...

I agree with Looseyfur. Looking good. =)

Flynn, looks adorable as she does in all the pictures I've seen of her. She looks so sassy with her new haircut.