08 June 2009

That's What Friends Are For

You all know how freaky the weather's been lately - cold, rainy/hot, rainy. Luckily, last Friday was gorgeous: not too hot or humid, sunny, temps in the upper 70's.

Perfect for heading to the pool.

Which the kids and I did.

I chatted with friends who happened to be there with their kids while mine splashed and cavorted. like the little fish they are. Evan was delighted when he realized one of his best friends was there and they immediately paired up to play.

Then I realized they weren't anywhere near me.

I didn't panic per se, but I was concerned. My son is a very proficient swimmer so I wasn't afraid he was in a part of the pool where he couldn't touch the bottom, but you never know who's at the pool, you know?

Then I spied the two boys over by the lazy river, headed up to the water slide. I was relieved and grabbed Flynn to go talk to my son, to remind him the importance of telling me where he's going.

I caught up with him and said, "Evan, next time you want to come over to this part of the park, tell me first before just walking off. I didn't know where you were and was a little bit afraid. It scared me to not know where you were."

His response?

"Sorry, Mom. I'm going to go get G so he can share the shame."

1 comment:

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

I find it hard not to burst out laughing when my son comes up with these kinds of answers.

I have lost Thomas at the pool before and I understand your panic.