09 June 2009

3 In 2

My sewing machines had lain dormant since before Christmas and it was high time I busted them out lest they start feeling neglected.

And I had baby quilts to make.
First up was a little something for a family friend who recently welcomed baby #3 into her brood. This little babyman, joining two big sisters, will receive a very boyish blankie made from vintage reproduction fabric sporting cowboys & cowgirls lassoing ponies and white horseshoes on a red back ground. I complimented the 6" squares with 4-patches of a green bandanna print and mottled brown (I thought it looked a bit like worn leather). The quilt is backed in soft red fleece and quilted with embroidery thread in denim blue (to match the kids' clothing) and an orangey-brown matching the color of the ponies in the cowboy print.

Baby blankie #2 is also for a baby boy, also a #3 child (he has a big brother & sister). His mommy is the sister of the mommy of the baby I made the first blanket for (confused yet?). Yep, both sisters found out they were each expecting their third child within a month of each other. Each baby was a surprise.

Anyway, Baby A's quilt is made from 3" strips of three different fabrics: a Curious George print, a red with teeny white dots, and a mulitcolored stripe that I ran horizontally. It is backed in white flannel and quilted with green embroidery thread, to match the satin binding. I went with the Curious George print for two reasons: 1) I think it's cute and 2) I'm fresh out of Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.

SPOILER ALERT: Mommy, Queen of Everything do not look at the following picture as it's the quilt for your little princeling whenever he deigns to make an appearance. I hope he likes it (you, too).
I think this quilt turned out really well. The 6" blocks are made from a super cute owl print I scored at Hancock's or JoAnn's last year and from a pillowcase I had tucked away for quilt-making. I routinely use sheets for quilts and I thought this grey print worked well with the owls and the backing (the grey-dotted flannel). The coordinating 4-patches are made from a blue on white twig-like print and an orange & white check. The quilting is done with a steely-blue that matches a color in the owl print and an olive green that, again, pulls color from the owls.

Manly, yes, but soft enough for a baby.

So that's what I've been up to.

The next sewing project is pj's for the kids. Evan has outgrown the ones I made last year (Flynn's now wearing them) and he's begging me for new ones.

I hope I have enough fabric.


Tracy said...

Misc, those are amazing. I have a sewing machine, but have never really learned to sew. Well, you have totally inspired me. I'm getting it out this summer and I'm going to learn!

Sulking.. said...

Lovely Misc.! Quilting is the one sewing related thing that I do not know how to do so I'm always impressed with people who get it done. I always have a zillion fabric scraps that I usually give away on craigslist. Wold you be interested in my next load? It's usually a lot of linen, some cotton.

Mrs. Chicken said...

My Babyman never sleeps without his Misc & Co. quilt. I just covered his sleeping body with it 15 minutes ago.