02 March 2009

The Kid's Back In Business

Saturday saw Flynn's fever back down to 101 and her energy level, when she was on Motrin, was fine. She played Little Pets vs. Star Wars with her brother, they built a super fort, and got on each other's nerves like siblings do, regardless of health.

Sunday Frank took Evan to early mass and then out to breakfast. They also had a mission to accomplish: acquire the tools necessary for building a Pinewood Derby race car. They'd spent the bulk of Saturday afternoon designing said race car and wanted to get building. They have a week or two to finish.

Flynn slept pretty well and woke in a good mood. I took her temperature and it was back to normal. Yay! (Except for the croupy cough that goes along with the virus, but I'm hoping that makes its exit soon.)

Showered and dressed, we had breakfast then went to the grocery store as we were in desperate need of cereal, milk, lunch meat, and fruit.

Flynn's energy level is back to pre-illness levels; she's back to spinning like a top. She's happy she returned to school today and got to see her friends and her teacher. But we're taking it easy this afternoon and playing hooky from swim lessons.

And now I'm all congested and I can feel my energy waning.

I'm going to go eat some oranges now and pray I don't come down with the crud. I have lunch plans later on in the week with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and I really don't want to cancel.

But I'm glad Flynn's back in (relatively) good health.


Catch Her in the Wry said...

Were you at Meijer? I saw a little girl with pink cowboy boots lying in a grocery cart seat. I almost said something, but wasn't sure if it was you.

Quigs78 said...

I hope you avoid the plague like the plague! Good luck!