03 March 2009

I Feel Like Death Warmed Over But She Looks Good

It's official: I have the ick. I believe I have what Frank had - serious congestion, general malaise, and overall cruddiness. Last night I had my pj's on and was in bed well before 8 o'clock. I did not rest easy last night, between fits of hot and cold and an inability to breathe through my nose. Bleah.

This morning, I got up at my normal time, showered, got dressed, fixed the kids' lunches.

"How do you feel today?" inquired my loving husband.

"Like crap."

"Do you have anything you need to do today?"

Not really, only try to power through a strength training workout, drop off the dry cleaning, run by the post office, clean up around the house, I thought. "No, nothing much."

"Good. You should take it easy today. Go rest. I'll bring dinner home tonight."

He knows me well enough to realize that I needed to hear, "It's OK to take care of yourself. Go do it." I'm used to running on all cylinders, illness be damned. Moms have to keep working even when we feel like hell.

But I heeded Frank's advice. After he piled the kids into the car and they headed off to school and work, I sipped a couple cups of tea, ate some breakfast and then headed back upstairs to camp out in my bedroom until it was time to retrieve Evan and Flynn from school.

A couple of weeks ago, Frank was told to take Mucinex D for his congestion. He had some left over so I choked down a pill the size of a small submarine that tasted like how a vet office smells (that sharp, unmistakable odor from my childhood: part medicine, part disinfectant, part animal).

That stuff works. I have been able to breathe without looking like a neanderthal all day.

And while I did not sleep (I'm not a napper by nature, just ask my mom), I did finish one book and nearly another. I rested.


Flynn's new boots arrived today! She could hardly wait to put them on (they look great with her school uniform, but she wanted to change into play clothes before I took a picture).
Snazzy, no? She especially loves that they have a bit of a heel on them and the silver bit on the toe. Luckily, they fit just right.
She loves them so much, it might be difficult to get her to take them off tonight. She may just sleep with her new boots on.

Which is just fine with me as I plan on going to bed early.

Like now. I have stuff to do tomorrow...


the sandwich life said...

ahhhh....a girl and her boots....they look FABULOUS!

Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

I hope you feel better soon. I love the boots!

Quigs78 said...

Boo for sickness.

Yay for kick ass new boots!

Maybe you should do a little online boot shopping since it worked so well for Flynn's health! :P