16 April 2009

Because The Sun Is Shining

A little fun Fred Schneider for a sunny Spring day. I love this song, "Monster", from Fred's solo album Fred Schneider and the Shake Society. Kate Pierson, also of The B-52's, sings on four of the album's tracks (including this one). That's her in the video, too, and Tina Weymouth of The Talking Heads makes an appearance as well.

This song hearkens back to my college days and maybe I'm a little nostalgic lately because I'm in the midst of compiling mix discs for a reunion coming up in a couple of weeks.

So. much. fun.

Get up and dance.

If this fails to make you shake your booty, notify your next of kin because I'm afraid you are dead.


The Fearless Freak said...

Sorry, I couldn't shake my booty. I was too busy laughing it off to shake it. :)

sarah said...

Aw! I love Fred! And Kate and Cindy and Keith and Ricky. They get a pass from me forever.

I would love to know who everyone in this video is -- I only recognized Keith Haring.